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We are leading solution providers of Electronic security solutions in India.

SA India is a renowned electronic security system provider in India. Our 6  years of expertise in electronic security and dedication to quality has gone into creating the most innovative range of products under our own customization and quality conformations.



CCTV cameras

All CCTV cameras are also classified according to their applications.

What is PTZ Camera and why is it required?
PTZ stands for Pan, tilt and zoom and it is of kind specific surveillance security system. 
PTZ cameras are highly sensitive cameras. They detect the motion, sound and change in heat signature and gets activated. After detecting motion, sound, changes in heat signature they focus and keeps the track record of changes in their area of surveillance. 
PTZ cameras are activated by themselves during the time of changes. PTZ camera System can warn human monitors.

IR camera: 
IR stands for infrared camera. These cameras used for night vision. For night vision purposes only and only IR cameras are used. Even in darkness we can see perfect movement of things through Night Vision Cameras. Images of Night Vision Cameras are quite reliable, clear and sharp.

Dome Cameras: 
Dome cameras can be easily equipped with ceilings of buses, trains, tunnels.

IP Cameras: 
IP stands for internet protocol. IP cameras can be synchronized with mobile phones with the help of broadband internet connections. IP cameras have bigger market in India. IP is an internet broadband infrastructure with which cameras can be easily equipped.

Weatherproof cameras
We also provide weatherproof cameras. Weatherproof cameras widely used for outer road side surveillance like traffic signal check. Weatherproof cameras are stronger. Weatherproof camera has proper shield on their top.

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