Intensive Vigilance and Intervention System

iVIS stands for Intensive Vigilance and Intervention System. It integrates a series of remote interventions with intensive monitoring of real time video footage by trained security personnel. iVIS stops theft and vandalism before it happens.

In e-survelliance it should be proven globally & guarantees Protection installations globally & guarantees protection. All of our Clients have experienced dramatic reduction in theft and vandalism up to 98% with real time video surveillance system. At the same time they have enjoyed 70% reduction in their security budgets




Live monitoring 24X7

Interventions using series of deterrents like alarms, strobes and PA Messaging etc.
Event Monitoring based on Motion analytics
Virtual Guard tours at predefined intervals
Custom Monitoring Plans available
24×7 remote Health check of equipment
Custom report generation

Guard Companies

Strengthen Physical guards with Virtual guards
Enhace profits by reducing man-power overheads
Prevent crime before it even starts
Track the events at every customer site online, real-time
Guard remote areas using Smartbox powered by Solar & Wireless
Take complete security solution than hardware
Enhance reliability using iVIS’ virtual guards
Reduce Physical Security guard cost
Access your property anytime, anywhere using Smart phones
Reduce false Alarms

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